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Stories from Facets of Fire Retailers

"When my customers first come in my store and they see Facets of Fire for the first time. They always react the same, 'Wow, I've never seen anything like it.'"

Cathy Calhoun

Owner of Calhoun Jewelers

The revolution in diamonds is here.

Seeing is Believing

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a Facets of Fire Diamond
and a traditional diamond

Traditional Diamond Facets of Fire Diamond

A brilliant breakthrough in color.


More than just stunningly beautiful, Facets of Fire Diamonds feature the most significant innovation* in diamond cutting in 100 years. It is the only Nano-cutting technology to be studied and approved by the GIA and AGS as a natural diamond cutting technique.

The nano-technology perfected by our diamond master craftsmen etches thousands of invisible nano-prisms onto the pavilion of a beautifully polished, natural diamond, like “facets within facets.” When white light passes through these nano-prisms, it releases a thrilling burst of color, known as a diamond’s fire. The result is an unimaginable level of colorful brilliance.

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