Ask the Queen, Cathy Calhoun, why she thinks Facets of Fire diamonds are like nothing else at this year’s AGS Conclave to receive a


Courtesy of Facets of Fire

When my customers first come into my store, they always react the same way: “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this. How can a diamond do this?!” It’s because of the colors coming out of this diamond. Facets of Fire diamonds are like nothing you’ve ever seen!

“The Queen,” Cathy Calhoun of Calhoun Jewelers

Seeing is Believing

Facets of Fire uses patented nanotechnology to unlock the diamond’s true potential – 7x MORE fire, sparkle, and brilliance. Eye-catching and instantly recognizable, it’s a difference your customers can see, both inside your store and when they take it home.

Discover for yourself why Cathy Calhoun and other AGS retailers love Facets of Fire Diamonds.