Caring for your diamond.

Protect your diamond’s beauty for all the world to see

Your Facets of Fire Diamond is cut specifically to maximize its colorful brilliance forever. But, everyday life can dim the brilliance of any diamond. Hand creams, soaps, and dust eventually will cling to the surface of your diamond. This prevents light from entering the diamond, making it less able to reflect its full brilliance.

To maintain and treasure the stunning brilliance of your diamond, clean it frequently. To clean your diamond safely and keep it sparkling, soak it briefly in water mixed with liquid detergent. Then use a soft brush, like a toothbrush, to gently clean all sides of the diamond, including the underside.

Everyday wear can also loosen a diamond in its setting. Visit your authorized Facets of Fire jeweler every six months for a complimentary checkup to ensure the prongs holding your diamond in place are secure and in good condition. They will inspect your ring thoroughly, check the prongs and the mounting, and professionally clean your diamond, so you can continue to enjoy its colorful brilliance for years to come.